Worldwide Tricks of the Trade

Sean working with the US National Development Program


Welcome to the most comprehensive hockey development program available

for any ice hockey player.


Tricks of the Trade was developed with one goal in mind: Introduce youth

hockey players to the mental, physical, and technical training methods used by

professionals and Olympians around the world to improve their game.


Sean Berens and Tricks of the Trade have been instructing amateur and

professional hockey players across the United States and Europe since

1998. Sean has been demonstrating techniques learned first hand,

that allow players to compete at top performance levels. The on-ice

instruction focuses on intricate technical details to help develop core

skills. Classroom sessions will provide scouting seminars and visualization

techniques. Off-ice programs will build "quick-twitch" muscle fibers learned

from European Olympic development programs. These techniques and training

methods have been learned and will be taught, first hand by Director Sean Berens.

From puck handling to skating stride, you won't find a better, more informative

program than Tricks of the Trade.

Tricks of the Trade Hockey School

140 Wood Street, Suite 410; Palatine, IL 60067

(847) 529-5316,